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Project Coin Sales
2020. 06. 01. Start


The most important purpose

We want to change the distorted energy system, the energy system that moves the earth, into an eco-friendly energy system.

The waste of nuclear power we use now is going to make our future generations suffer for radioactivity for 100,000 years, and the energy system of coal petroleum will also lead to global warming and destruction of the environment and eventually destroy human civilization. will be. By releasing the fear of humanity's biggest pollutants, avoiding the fuel system of coal and petroleum, which is the extreme emission of carbon dioxide, and developing and distributing engines that adopt fuel-free engines, the global warming and the environment are destroyed. I want to prevent it and return it to its original nature. In addition, we intend to establish a heating system that achieves 0% of CO2 emissions in greenhouse heating such as house heating or greenhouses. In addition, drinking water will not only be simple water, but will also supply water that improves the strength of drinking while drinking water, and the production of truly natural-friendly agricultural products can improve about 30-50% or more to solve food shortages and less pollution. We want to put the livestock products on our table.


So we want to change the power generation system, the engine system of all transportation, the heating system, and the water.

The technology we adopted

1. It is a power generation system that uses fuel-free and eco-friendly infinite power.

2. We developed a fuel-free, self-powered power generation engine.

3. It is a technology using barsalt technology (carbon fiber).

4. Use water as functional water. It is a technology that can solve the food shortage problem.


1, the technology of making electricity is like this.

Does not use fuel (uranium, coal, oil, LNG, etc.). Use only physical force. Nothing that causes environmental pollution after use. There is no worry about radioactivity by replacing nuclear power plants, and there is no worry about carbon dioxide by replacing thermal power generation. It is not a photovoltaic power generation that occupies a huge area and destroys the environment. It does not take up as much space as solar power. It is installed in one corner of the basement or roof to solve the power of the entire building. There is no fear of environmental destruction. Once installed, it is used semi-permanently.

Small generators (1KW, ​​2KW, 3KW, 5KW class) are used for home use, cell phone base stations, and outdoor independent generators.

Small and medium-sized generators (2MW, 3MW, 5MW, 10MW and 20MW class) solve electricity in village units, building units, factory units and facility units. This eliminates the need for power transmission towers or power cables. It is an energy system that improves and saves the true environment.

Large generators (300 MW class) can replace nuclear or thermal power plants.


2. Fuel-free, uncharged, self-powered power engines can be replaced with vehicles that do not require fuel (petrol, diesel, gas, etc.) for automobiles, motorcycles, ships, drones, and drones. Equipped with an engine in an airlift trap, it can carry about 150 people and run at a speed of 600 km/h. CO2 emissions can be reduced to 0%. How pleasant will our lives be?


3. For heating problems, use electricity from a fuel-free, eco-friendly generator. If you use carbon fiber for heating, you can also use a CO2 free heating system. The same is true in the case of heating a house or heating a greenhouse.


4. Our water management technology strengthens the human immune system, and when used for agricultural purposes, can increase income by 30-50%. When used in the livestock industry, there is no need to worry about the smell of livestock manure. Improved immunity can produce eco-friendly foods that reduce antibiotic use. When agricultural production increases, the world's food shortage can be solved.


In conclusion, we do not cause environmental pollution in the power generation, power (engine) and heating sectors, do not generate fine dust, and minimize (%) the generation of carbon dioxide (CO2) to make our environment comfortable. . In addition, by supplying water with enhanced immunity to the water that is the source of life, the farming and contraction industry supplies really fresh food, maximizes food production, contributes to human health, and minimizes food-related disputes. We want to contribute to peace.


There are many useful skills and items around us today that will change and enrich our lives.

In order to make such technologies and items available to all who need them, there must be factories capable of mass-producing them. In addition, it is necessary to establish a distribution network that delivers the technology and products to many people.


However, if a person who has such a technology fails to establish a factory that can produce a product, there are many cases in which production is abandoned and good technology is killed. What is needed here is capital. Soon you will need the capital to produce the product. If a person with technology has the necessary capital for production, it would be a gold prize, but in most cases, it has been used up in the process of technology development. In the end, you need to save production capital. Fortunately, if you get an investor who can invest the necessary capital to produce a product, the technology will be able to succeed in industrialization. On the other hand, if the capital needed for production is not available, the technology will eventually be destroyed.


We want these people to build factories to produce products, and to share the benefits. By doing this, we intend to establish itself as a definite re-tech coin for investors who want to re-tech with a small amount of capital.


Anyone who wants to invest in a coin must set the investment standard and invest.

You should choose whether to dream speculatively and invest speculatively or to perform stable re-tech without loss of investment capital even if you see little profit. Although the first-generation coins could be speculatively invested due to scarcity, it is difficult to dream of a day-to-day coin by investing in coins because the types and quantity of coins are huge.


KGE-Coin intends to be a reliable means of re-tech by minimizing the loss of investment capital and devising a method for stable re-tech. How will KGE-Coin be established?


A. Criteria for technology selection

1. Universality: When a product is released, there must be such universality that everyone can use.

2. Innovativeness: Gives and selects innovativeness for the technology that is about 1.2 ~ 1.5 generations ahead of the existing technology.

3. Breakthrough new technology: Invest in the new breakthrough technology that is ahead of the 2nd generation after careful verification.


B. Calculating the appropriate investment amount

Coins are sold by calculating the appropriate amount for each type of investment.


C. Easy to refund.

When selling coins before stock conversion, the periodic profit is guaranteed according to the holding period.


D. Convert to stocks during the agreed period.


1. Name of Coin

A. This coin is "K_Gold Energy Coin".

B. Coin name: KGE-Coin (K_Gold Energy Coin)

C. Symbol of Coin: KGE

2. Use of Coin


A. Community members can purchase coins and participate in the company promotion project promoted by "K-GOLD Co., LTD".


B. Recruitment amount varies by project. The coin purchase location can be designated as a project or can be purchased universally.


C. The coin that designated the project will be processed until the final stock conversion, and a separate procedure may be required when the universal coin wants to convert stock. P2P trading, etc.

3. Revenue model


A. Step 1: Sold as a universal coin.

-. Until June 30, 2020, 2 KGE will be paid for 1 USD

-. Until July 31, 2020, 1.5 KGE will be paid for 1 USD

-. After September 1, 2020, 1 KGE will be paid for 1 USD


B. Step 2: Convert to project coin

-. The company was established for each project.

-. Send a notice to participate in the project.

-. Participate in the project (1 KGE = 1 USD)


C. Step 3: Generate profit after converting project coins

-. Coin purchase starts from the following month when operating profits occur.

-. Coin price X number of months held X profit rate is calculated and purchased.

-. Spend 50% of monthly profits on coin purchases

-. The company purchases coins every month until a certain stake is formed.

-. Looking at the purchase of coins after the profit of the project company, people who want to hold stocks are created.


D. Step 4: Convert to stock

-. Anyone who wants to convert to stocks of the project company collects the coins and issues them with sovereignty.

-. Equity holders can buy and sell profit dividends or shares in accordance with common company dividend procedures.

-. Expenses and taxes incurred at the time of conversion to stocks should be borne by the applicant.

4. Coin Issuance Information

♠ 1st issue volume: 1,000,000,000 KGE_Coin (KEL)

Recruitment Asset: Ripple Coin (XRP)

Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum (ETH)


♠ 2nd issue amount: 4,000,000,000 KGE_Coin (KEL)

(Subject to change later)

♠ Total issuance: 5,000,000,000 KGE_Coin


◆ Sold as a universal coin: No limit on the number

-. Until June 30, 2020, 2 KGE will be paid for 1 USD

-. Until July 31, 2020, 1.5 KGE will be paid for 1 USD

-. After September 1, 2020, 1 KGE will be paid for 1 USD


◆ Converted to Project Coin

-. After October 1, 2020:

-. Sold as a project coin: 1 USD = 1 KGE_Coin


◆ Convert to stock

-. Within 6 months to 1 year after conversion to project coin

-. Stock conversion time may vary for each project


◆ Exchange listing:

-. Exchange listings were reviewed after three or more projects were completed.

-. Listed Price: Future Notice


※ Focus on fostering new technologies and energy-related projects.

5. Benefits for coin holders

A. Coin Holder Benefits

-. When a coin holder of more than a certain amount is desired, the local distributor and the distributor of the following kinds of work are added.

◆ Franchise of small and medium sized power generation system, local distributor right

◆ Non-fuel powered engines motorcycle franchise, local distributor ticket

◆ Non-fuel powered engines franchise, local dealership.

◆ Non-fuel powered engines ferry, regional distributor ticket.

◆ Non-fuel powered engines drone franchise, local distributor ticket.

◆ Water ring power franchise, local distributor ticket.

◆ Priority will be given to franchisees and dealerships only for those who wish to invest in K_Gold Energy Coin (KGE).

B. Stock Conversion

◆ KGE coins can be exchanged for stocks of investment companies

C. Payout

◆ Pay dividends to KGE coin holders.


※ For more information, please refer to the announcement.

Road Map

* 날자의 표시 : yyyy. mm. dd

ICO / Shopping Mall / Gold Distribution

-. 2016. 03. 30. "K-Gold Co., LTD" established

-. 2016. 04. 12. Business Registration

-. 2018. 06. 01. KGE_Coin ICO Review


-. 2018. 10. 31. First issue of universal coin

-. K_GOLD ENERGY Coin (KGE) issuance

-. 2019. 07. 31. Universal 2nd Coin Issuance


-. 2018. 10. 31. Project coin issuance

-. K_Gold Dynamo Coin (KGD)

-. K_Gold Eco Generator Coin (KEG)

-. K_Gold Eco Love Coin (KEL)


-. 2020. 01. 01. Preparing to build a global shopping mall.

-. 2020. 12. 31. Global shopping mall construction completed.

-. 2021. 01. Middle. Commodity transaction, gold transaction, start.


-. 2021. 01. 01. Promotion of listing on KGE Coin Exchange

-. Listed on exchanges in Hong Kong, USA, Philippines, Korea, and Europe  propel

Power Generation / Watering Power Business

Gold business / Philippine feed business / Magnet business

-. 2020. 06. 01.  Sales of project coins for gold business : K_GOLD DYNAMO Coin (KGD)

-. 2020. 06. 01.  Sales of project coin for establishment of Philippine feed factory : Kgold Eco Love Coin (KEL)

-. 2020. 06. 01.  Sales of project coin for magnet business :

* Other business divisions decide with the company, development team, and sales team to decide to participate in the business and make investment decisions.

Market size

1. Shopping mall



A. The members of the community can purchase coins and purchase items at the shopping mall operated by "K-GOLD Co., LTD".

B. It can be exchanged with real Gold with a certain amount of KGD-Coin.

C. You may have an anti-monopoly right to sell a product that you have invested in a new technology business.     

2. Gold trading


A. Domestic sales in Korea : 3~4 tons per month.

B. Exports to Korea from Korea - 50 tons

C. Gold Mine Development

D. International Gold Transfers, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, etc.


3. Power generation business

A. We will avoid the power generation model that destroys the environment such as nuclear power, solar power, fossil fuel use, etc., and lead environmentally friendly power generation business by producing environment friendly generator, power amplifier and storage.

B. Mid-size generators for 2 MW, 3 MW, 5 MW, and 10 MW to solve electric power problems in villages, buildings, and factories.

C. Shares the benefits of civilization by selling them in supportive form to countries where power is poor, and by selling wherever they are available.

D. Ultimately, nuclear power generation, solar power generation, and thermal power (using fossil fuel) must be replaced for the future of our humanity.

E. Motorcycles equipped with a Non-fuel powered engines. Production of cars, ships, etc.

F. Market value is not estimated.


4. High speed wireless backbone network construction business


A. Currently, worldwide telecommunication networks are operated on wire-based backbone networks such as PP lines, coaxial cables and optical cables.

B. Mobile communication eventually connects the base station to the wired base backbone network and performs wireless communication.

C. The speed of Internet and mobile communication is determined according to the environment constituting the backbone network. Some countries already have speeds of 1 to 7 Gbps, while others are still using the Internet at speeds of 4 to 5 Mbps. The speed difference between a country that uses optical cable as backbone and a country that uses coaxial cable is inevitable.

This is because the cost of installing the optical cable is excessive.

D. We can construct a high-speed wireless backbone network at a cost of 1/10 of the cost of installation of fiber optic cable and install super high-speed wireless backbone network to provide super high-speed communication with 1 ~ 7 Gbps speed in countries with poor communication environment. Implement and do.

E. Installment market: Approximately 3,000 trillion won

F. Estimated use fee.

G. Royalty Revenue: Impossible to estimate

5. Carbon fiber business


A. Carbon Fiber Applications

  ① Machinery and automobile sector

  ② Energy sector

  ③ Aerospace, space, defense industry

  ④ Civil Engineering and Architecture

  ⑤ Electronics and Robotics

  ⑥ Sports use

  ⑦ Others.


6. Basalt technology


A. Industrial Materials

① Energy: Cooling, heating, composite materials

② civil engineering. Construction: concrete reinforcement, asbestos replacement, seismic reinforcement,

Reinforcement of weak structure etc.

③ Information and communication systems: Optical fiber, electromagnetic, painting, etc.

④ Aerospace: Ultra-light heat, flame retardant, advanced composite materials, etc.

⑤ Disaster prevention and conservation: Heat resistance. Refractory, heat, etc.

B. Living materials

① Agricultural and fishery products: planting, maintenance, site foil, filters, fish nets, etc.

② Ocean: marine materials, uranium mining, hot water / salt water system, materials, etc.

③ Transportation, transportation: Automobile, motor, body, airbag, interior materials, etc.

④ Bedding, accessories: textile, towel, blanket, carpet, curtain, mat, etc.

⑤ Hanging, rigidity: temperature control, shape memory, gloss, etc.

⑥ medical care, welfare:

⑦ Sports, leisure: middle, middle age leisure sports


7. Watering Power Business (drinking water)


Areas of Watering Power Usage

A. Drinking water:

① Water is transparent and delicious like natural water, soft and rich in minerals

② Number of mouth and plaque removal.

③ For various diseases and illnesses.

④ Intelligent number of intelligence deficit syndrome.

B. Washing water:

① Even if you do not boil the laundry, the bleaching is good, the color is clear, and the time is getting better.

② When you are old and the grease is washed well.

③ Number of gloss of tableware, utensils, automobiles and various living tools without detergent.

④ Remove mold and eliminate foot odor.

C. Number of baths:

① Even if you take a bath at 38 ℃, you can not sweat.

② back pain neuralgia shoulder stiffness and hot spring water.

③ Dandruff Prevention Hair and skin lotion that nourishes hair and lotion.

④ athlete's foot and housewife eczema prevention number.

⑤ prevention of skin diseases, the texture is smooth, shiny,

D. Cooking water:

① In the case of vegetables or residual pesticides,

② freshness maintenance water

③ The rice is moist and sticky, and the taste is good.

④ The meat has no noodles, the taste is protein, and the meat is fleshy and chewy.


E. Others

① The plants and vegetables become stronger immunity.

② Pets and livestock are immune-resistant, so they grow well without disease,

③ Reduction of oil price by boiling water from 4 atm to 97 ℃.

④ It prevents the rust of pipe and has a long life because there is no scale.

⑤ Freeze quickly, boil quickly, and cool down late. 

8. Watering Power Business (Agricultural, fishery, animal husbandry water)

A. Livestock Disease Prevention:

① Salmonella, Brucella

② pig genital, respiratory syndrome

③ chicken Newcastle disease, Ozeki disease

④ swine fever, atrophic rhinitis

⑤ Pak,

⑥ Algae Influenza.

B. Manufacturing, distribution and storage of food

C. Other applications


Market Prediction


We will keep our team members private because of the security of our technology.

K-GOLD Group

It informs about the relationship between companies in the K_Gold group and the flow of KGE_Coin.

  K_Gold Co., LTD

1. Country: Korea

2. Business details:  Issues KGE coins to develop eco-friendly energy and foster new technology businesses.

3. Coin issuance: 5,000,000,000 KGE.

  Resveranet Co., LTD

1. Location: Hong Kong

2. Business Description: Operate the “365founding Club”, a solution for creating wealth, and foster it as a sales organization that sells KGE_Coin. Operate a global shopping mall. Prepaid card payment.

  W&K_Gold Co., LTD

1. Country: Korea

2. Business details: Gold business, resource development business.

3. Coin: ①Name: K_Gold Energy Coin (KGE),

   ② Quantity: 10,000,000 KGE (10,000,000 USD),

   ③ Equity or return: 10% per cycle

  SK Import Export Special Inc.

1. Country: Philippines

2. Business details: Gold business, resource development business. Sand business, construction business, trade, etc.

3. Coin: ① Name: K_Gold Energy Coin (KGE),

   ② Quantity: 10,000,000 KGE (10,000,000 USD),

   ③ Equity or rate of return: 10% per cycle  

  K Gold Eco Generator Co., LTD (preparing)

1. Country: Philippines

2. Business Description: ① Fuelless generator~ Small (1~5 kw) generator. Medium-sized (2~10mw) generator mass production system

   ② Fuel-free, non-charged self-powered engines: motorcycle engines, ship engines, automobile engines, drone engines, etc.

   ③ Mass production of drone taxis, electric boilers, various ventilation fans, etc.

   ④ Industrial complex 400 ha

3. Project Coin: ① Name: K_Gold Eco Generator Coin (KEG),

   ②Total issuance quantity: 400,000,000 KEG (KGE converted to KEG, ),

   ③Sales volume: 30% to 120,000,000 KEG of the Philippine production corporation

  K_Gold Magnet Co., LTD (preparing)

1. Country: Korea

2. Business content: ① Pure magnet research, development, and production

   ② Development and production of applied magnets

3. Project Coin: ① Name: K_Gold Magnet Coin (KGM),

   ② Total issue quantity: 40,000,000 KGM (KGE converted to KGM, ),

   ③ Sales volume:  30% to 12,000,000 KGM of corporate equity

  K_Gold feedstuff Co., LTD (preparing)

1. Country: Philippines

2. Business details: ① Production of functional feed with medicinal ingredients produced in the Philippines

   ② Export to the Philippines, Korea and around the world

3. Project Coin: ①Name: K_Gold Eco Love Coin (KEL),

   ②Quantity: 40,000,000 KEL (KGE converted to KEL, 1 KGE = 1 KEL),

   ③Sales volume: 30% to 12,000,000 KEL of corporate equity

  K_Gold Watering_Power Co., LTD (preparing)

1. Country: Korea

2. Business details: Establishment of mass production system for drinking water, hospital, agricultural and livestock industry

3. Coin: ① Name: K_Gold Energy Coin (KGE),

   ② Quantity: 40,000,000 KGE (10,000,000 USD),

   ③ Sales volume: 30% to 12,000,000 KGE of corporate equity

  K_Gold Basalt Co., LTD (Incorporation plan)

It informs about the relationship between companies in the K_Gold group and the flow of KGE_Coin.

  High-speed wireless backbone network business (Incorporation plan)

It informs about the relationship between companies in the K_Gold group and the flow of KGE_Coin.

  Incorporation plan

It informs about the relationship between companies in the K_Gold group and the flow of KGE_Coin.

Coin Deployment Policy

◆ Buyout Program


This buyout program is used to increase the value of coins.

To raise the value of a coin, there is a method of incineration and a method of paying for a holding coin. Our coin uses both methods together.

A. Incineration

◆ Gold purchase cost: Coin incineration worth 40 billion won

◆ After the initial mass production system of non-motorized power generation: 10 billion won coin incineration

◆ After the establishment of the initial mass production system of the bazaar: 10 billion won coin incineration

◆ After the initial mass production of carbon fiber products: 10 billion won coin incineration

◆ After mass production system of water ring power product: Coin incineration worth 5 billion won

◆ If the new technology investment product mass production system enters afterwards, it coincides with the expense of the coin.

B. Dividend

Details of dividends are posted on the bulletin board every quarter.

Agency Application

Agency Application Overview

1) Distributor area classification: 1 agency is recruited for each project per city unit or 200,000 to 300,000 people.

2) Contracted agency price:

   ① Universal coin (KGE) or project coin (KEG, KGD, KEL, etc.) 100,000

   ② USD 100,000 $

3) Deposit and product-to-product ratios may vary by product, and are confirmed at the time of formal contract at the time of product shipment.

4) When the product is delivered, the coin holder returns the coin equivalent to USD 100,000 $ at the time, or the coin is exchanged on the exchange. After sale, you can deposit USD 100,000 $.

5) After the mass production system is established, the product is sold, so if the coin price rises on the exchange, you can see the profit.

In case of coin price drop, if you submit 100,000 KGE as a coin at the time of an agency contract, do.

6) To apply for an agency, you can do so on the homepage agency application bulletin board.

   Homepage: https://www.kgecoin.com/agency/

7) Reseller recommendation: 10% is paid as a recommendation allowance.

Explanation of the agency's

1.  This agency's application is to apply for a reservation on the premise that the product will be released in the future. There may be a number of procedures that require the establishment of a mass production system to pass inspections by certification bodies of each country. So even after the product is produced, it may take a considerable amount of time for the dealership to sell the product. 

2.  Nevertheless, applying for agency reservations in advance, even at the risk of waiting, is to meet the desire of those who want to preempt new jobs by sector and industry.

3.  Even without securing agency rights, the KGE Coin can be used as a means of re-tech. Although there are expectations for listing the exchange as shown in the table below, it is left to the coin purchaser's own judgment, referring to the road map, for changes in coin prices since the listing.​


4.  Prior to coin listing, 100,000 units of KGE Coins are required to secure agency rights. Reservations can be made at USD $100,000 after coin listing. If, after the coin listing, 1 KGE coin is traded for USD 5$, at the time of shipment of the product, a coin worth USD 100,000 may be submitted or sold to the exchange for USD 100,000. The rest of the coin can be your way of technology.

5.  If the price of the coin is US$100,000 or less at the time of the contract, you may submit 100,000 units in the KGE coin without incurring any additional costs. Whether large-volume production can lead to a drop in the price of the coin at the time the product is sold is left to the buyer's own judgment.

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