Agency Application

Agency Application Overview

1) Categorization of dealership areas: City units or 1 agency per 200,000 to 300,000 people

2) Distributor agreement price:

     ① 2019.7.31: 100,000 KGE coins (before the exchange is listed)
     ② 2019.8.1 After: USD $100,000.

3) The deposit and product base rates may vary by product and are finalized when the 

    product is officially signed.

4) The coin holder can return US$100,000 worth of coin at the time of delivery or deposit

    USD $100,000 after the coin is sold on the exchange.

5) After the establishment of a mass production system, if the price of coin increases on

    the exchange, you can benefit from the increase. In case the price of coin decreases,

    you can submit 100,000 KGE as a coin in the event of a formal contract with the dealer.

6) You can apply for an agency on the website.


7) Recommendation of the agency: 10% of the suggested allowance.

Explanation of the agency's

1.  This agency's application is to apply for a reservation on the premise that the product will be released in the future. There may be a number of procedures that require the establishment of a mass production system to pass inspections by certification bodies of each country. So even after the product is produced, it may take a considerable amount of time for the dealership to sell the product. 

2.  Nevertheless, applying for agency reservations in advance, even at the risk of waiting, is to meet the desire of those who want to preempt new jobs by sector and industry.

3.  Even without securing agency rights, the KGE Coin can be used as a means of re-tech. Although there are expectations for listing the exchange as shown in the table below, it is left to the coin purchaser's own judgment, referring to the road map, for changes in coin prices since the listing.


4.  Prior to coin listing, 100,000 units of KGE Coins are required to secure agency rights. Reservations can be made at USD $100,000 after coin listing. If, after the coin listing, 1 KGE coin is traded for USD 5$, at the time of shipment of the product, a coin worth USD 100,000 may be submitted or sold to the exchange for USD 100,000. The rest of the coin can be your way of technology.

5.  If the price of the coin is US$100,000 or less at the time of the contract, you may submit 100,000 units in the KGE coin without incurring any additional costs. Whether large-volume production can lead to a drop in the price of the coin at the time the product is sold is left to the buyer's own judgment.

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