1. Executive summary

Today, the world is living in a very different way from the past one century in each field due to the development of civilization leading science and science. It is also a well-known fact that there are too many differences compared to the picture of 30 years ago. It is true that everything we need for our lives, such as electricity, telecommunications, transportation, the Internet, and the financial system, is so dramatically developed compared to the past 100 years or 30 years ago, and our lives are peaceful and enriching .

However, the whole of the world is not enjoying these benefits. First of all, some countries already have speeds of 1 to 7 Gbps, and others are still using 4 to 5 Mbps. I will experience the speed difference of about 1000 times. And even in the case of railroads, some countries can go 500 kilometers away in countries running at speeds of 300 to 600 kilometers, and some countries still have to run for more than 10 hours.

Even the currency that operates in each country is different. As much as they are worth, much time and procedures are needed to remit money from one country to another, trade goods, and buy and sell goods.


Therefore, we will pursue the equality of monetary value by adopting gold which has been given the same value from everywhere in the world since the beginning of the decade, and through the block-chain-based shopping mall, It is easy to exchange KG_coin with real gold at any time, and exchange digital cipher money with real gold or local currency to enhance the property value of digital currency.


We will discover and nurture new technologies in the field of eco-friendly power generation (excluding nuclear power, solar power, and wind power). In particular, we will develop and develop new technologies in the field of interpretation, The goal is to commercialize science and technology that can benefit from the benefits of science and technology.

In addition, while developing the latest technology, we will discover and nurture new technologies that can not be commercialized or commercialized, and realize the maximization of profit for the members who participate in it.