Non-ferrous metal (gold, copper, etc.) business

A. Business Overview

Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam, such as gold and copper, non-ferrous metals, and resources such as sand and stone, through international distribution to create profits, share profits with investors, and non-ferrous metals distribution I want to play an axis of.


B. Companies Together:

1. SK Import Export Specialist Inc. (Philippines)

2. W & K Gold co., LTD


C. Recruitment amount

1st Recruitment Amount-USD 1,000,000 $ (KRW 1,200,000,000 Won)

2nd Recruitment Amount-USD 50,000,000 $ (KRW 60,000,000,000 Won)


D. Project Coin

-. Project coin name: K-Gold Dynamo Coin

-. Coin symbol (Simbol): KGD

-. Number of coins issued: 50,000,000 KGD

-. Converting universal coins to project coins: 50,000,000 KGE

-. Conversion price: 1 KGE = 1 KEG

-. Ownership: None


E. Step 1: Provision of Project Coin Dividend

-. [Purchase * Sales * Dividend] is called 1 Cycle.

-. Period of 1 cycle: 1 week to 10 days

-. 50% of the profit is divided by the number of project coins.

-. 1 Cycle (rotation) dividends are allocated within the 5 ~ 10% limit of the investment amount.

-. When the business proceeds smoothly with the first recruitment amount, the number of participants to automatically participate in the second recruitment is secured.


F. Step 2: Project coin repurchase process

-. When the sum of profit dividends is 100% of the investment capital, you can request a repurchase of the project coins.

-. Repurchase Amount: 1 KGD = 1 USD

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