Coin Buying Guide

Step 1: Create your wallet!

1. Create a "MyEtherWallet" account and be familiar with its usage.

Step 2: Create a Coin Purchase Fund

1. Prepare funds to purchase "KGE_Coin". Minimum USD $ 200 minimum.

2. On the exchange in your country or exchange in another country, you will purchase "USDT (Tether Coin)", "BTC (Bit Coin)" and "ETH (Ethereum)" worth the amount you will invest.

Step 3: Join the KGE

1. Click "My Page" on our homepage ( and register.

2. Enter your User Name (ID) and click the "Check" button to confirm availability.
3. Enter your full name.
4. Enter the password.
5. Enter your e-mail address and click the "Check" button to confirm availability.
6. Select your country.
7. Enter your recommender and confirm the referrer in the pop-up window.
8. Click the "CFREATE ACCOUNT" button to create the account.

Step 4: Edit your profile

1. Log in again.
2. Update your profile.

2. Record your "Myetherwallet" account to receive "KGE_Coin".
3. Record the accounts of the tender coin (USDT), bit coin (BTC), and electronic (ETH) to be deposited into the company.
4. Click "MODIFY PROFILE" to complete the modification.

Step 5: Buy Points

1. For point purchases, click on one of the company's deposit accounts (USDT, BTC, ETH) and follow the procedure to purchase points equivalent to the KGE_ coin purchase amount.

If you want to buy KGE_Coin with Etherium (ETH), click "ETH Deposit"!

If you want to buy KGE_Coin with Bitcoin (BTC), click "BTC Deposit"!

2. If your "ETH Address" is not updated on your profile, you will not be able to purchase points.
Go back to step 4 and update the address of the coin you are depositing!

3. Record the amount of points you want to purchase.
Example) 2,000 Points = USD 2,000 $

4. Make a note of the number of ETH (or BTC, USDT) you will deposit for your KGE_Coin purchase.
Ex) To purchase KGE_Coin worth 2,000 Points (USD 2,000 $), 12.3886 ETH is required.

5. Send money from your ETH (or BTC, USDT) wallet to your company's ETH (or BTC, USDT) Address.

6. When the transfer is complete, click the "BOOKING TRANSFER TO ETH (or BTC, USDT)" button to complete the point purchase.

Step 6: Buy a KGE Coin

1. Click the "Buy KGE_Coin" menu.

2. Enter "User Name (ID)" and click the "SEARCH" button.
In the pop-up window, check "User Name (ID)".

3. Make sure that the points you have purchased are paid correctly.

4. "Cash Point" is the point that you receive money from your allowance or friend.

5. I have deposited the coin and bought it.

6. This is the point where I will purchase KGE_Coin. This is the sum of "Cash Point" and "Registration Point".

7. The number of KGE_Coin you want to purchase is displayed.

8. Press the "ENTER" key to complete the purchase.
You can check your coin purchase history by clicking the "History df Orders" button.

Step 7: Register "KGE_Coin" in "MyEtherWallet"!

1. When you receive "KGE_Coin", register "KGE_Coin" in your "Myetherwallet".
Please refer to [Coin Buying Guide 1, 2] and [Adding Coin to MyEtherWallet] under the [Buy Coin] menu.

Step 8: Enjoy KGE membership benefits

1. Now you can sell "KGE_Coin". Whenever you sell from someone else, record the referrer name in your name. So every time you sell from someone else, you get a bonus bonus.

2. And, when you become a "chip manager", there are incentives, such as incentives, for the sales of the entire group formed by you.

3. You can get various special benefits from various agency recruitment and shopping mall use.