High Speed Wireless Backbone Network

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A. Currently, worldwide telecommunication networks are operated on wire-based backbone networks such as PP lines, coaxial cables and optical cables.

B. Mobile communication eventually connects the base station to the wired base backbone network and performs wireless communication.

C. The speed of Internet and mobile communication is determined according to the environment constituting the backbone network.

Some countries already have speeds of 1 to 7 Gbps, while others are still using the Internet at speeds of 4 to 5 Mbps. The speed difference between a country that uses optical cable as backbone and a country that uses coaxial cable is inevitable. This is because the cost of installing the optical cable is excessive.

D. Currently, the method of implementing 5G (0.857 ~ 7Gbps) is a method implemented on the innovation of antenna transmission on optical cable base. And the antenna is banded (4 × 4, 2 × 2, etc.). As a result, the backbone network of optical cable is naturally necessary.

E. We can construct a high-speed wireless backbone network at a cost of 1/10 of the cost of installing fiber-optic cable, and install a high-speed wireless backbone network to provide super high-speed communication at speeds of 1 to 7 Gbps in countries with poor communication environments. Implement and do.