A. Business Overview

Magnets are essential ingredients for our lives.

It is true that medical equipment, machine tools, generators, power engines, etc. are essential for our daily lives.

However, due to the inexpensive labor cost, many Korean companies moved their factories to China and made China their production base. As a result, companies in Korea may take three months to build an application stone used in machinery. In addition, there are situations where traffic is blocked between countries such as Corona 19, so it is also a very necessary situation for factories to produce magnets in Korea.


B. Research and Development Corporation:

K_GOLD Co., LTD (Korea)


C. Production corporation: 

K_GOLD Co., LTD (Korea)

(A new production corporation can be established)


D. Recruitment amount

-USD 10,000,000 $ (KRW 12,000,000,000 KRW)


E. Project Coin

-. Project coin name: K-Gold Magnet Coin

-. Coin symbol (Simbol): KGM

-. Number of coins issued: 12,000,000,000 KGM

-. Converting universal coins to project coins: 12,000,000,000 KGE

-. Conversion price: 1 KGE = 1 KEG

-. Equity Ratio: Started with a 30% stake in the production corporation. (1% stake = 120,000 KEG)


F. Profit Distribution and Redemption Procedure of Project Coin

-. Announcement of completion of project coin conversion (sales)

-. Recruitment of agents and completion of the first production plant Sulla (can be completed in 3 months)

-. Announcement of profit dividend: Announcement of profit dividend and repurchase from the time when operating profit occurs.

-. Dividend Profit: Dividend 30% of the previous month's profit in accordance with the number of coins held

-. Redemption: Formula for redemption: (Month interest income) X (Number of months of coin holding)

? USD = (Number of coins) X {1 + (5%) X (Number of months)} ~~~~~ Research


G. Conversion to Stocks

-. Announcement of stock conversion at the appropriate time

-. Exchange to the sovereignty of a Korean production corporation.

-. Taxes and expenses for stock acquisition are the responsibility of the individual.

-. From the time of the stock conversion, profit distribution is subject to the law of the corporation.

-. Regarding paid-in capital increase, it is subject to the law of the corporation.

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