Project coin policy

You need to introduce your current project and know how to participate in it.


First, a person who wants to invest in a coin must set the investment standard and invest.

You should choose whether to dream speculatively and invest speculatively or to perform stable re-tech without loss of investment capital even if you see little profit. Although the first-generation coins could be speculatively invested due to scarcity, it is difficult to dream of a day-to-day coin by investing in coins because the types and quantity of coins are huge. Therefore, anyone who wants to invest in coins will have to abandon their desire to get profits of tens or hundreds of times in the short term.


Second, you need to know the nature of participating in the project coin and decide to participate.

As the project here is the initial company establishment process, the industrialization process of technology or item, and the process of mass production, anyone who has traded over-the-counter stocks has similar characteristics to our coin. Will know.


Third, our project coin is a coin that can be redeemed.

Coins participating in the project can be redeemed against the company after a certain period of time, and also interpersonal transactions (P2P) are possible. The company must collect more than a certain amount to secure the equity ratio, so it must collect coins that are scattered among individuals. In the process, people who have coins can make a decent profit. Since the amount of money raised for each project and the future rate of return may be different, the rate of return during the redemption process may be different.

How to convert project coins

If you want to participate in our project first!


Step 1: Purchase KGE Coin.

KGE_coin is a universal coin.


Step 2: Select a project to participate.

The current project can be selected from 4 projects as follows.


1) It is a project to commercialize "fuel-free self-powered system" and "fuel-free self-powered self-powered engine system". This is called a "fuel-free power generation system".

2) "Gold business" project

3) Philippine feed mill project

4) Magnet business project


Step 3: Exchange KGE Coin and Project Coin.

Go through the description of the ongoing project and select the project you want to "Wealth_Tech".

You can apply from the sub-menu of the [Coin Purchase] menu.   Just fill out and submit the "Project Coin Application".

Or you can apply and convert at "MY_Page". You can switch through the "Project Coin Exchange" menu.


Step 4: Apply for repurchase of project coins and trade between individuals

Coin holders who participate in the project can apply for repurchase to the company after a certain period of time. The duration varies from project to project. The company purchases coins held by investors within 30-50% of the previous month's revenue.

1) Announcement of coin repurchase information

2) Coin repurchase application

3) Settlement of coin repurchase

The company goes through this process every month until it has a reasonable stake, and buys coins from investors.


Step 5: converting to stocks

The company will announce the conversion to stock at the appropriate time. Three months ago, the coin holder must decide whether to repurchase the coin or convert it to inventory.

1) Stock Conversion Guide

2) Coin and sovereign exchange

* Upon issuance of sovereignty, an individual must report to the tax authorities in accordance with the OTC stock acquisition procedure, and all taxes and expenses for stock acquisition are the responsibility of the individual.

* From this point on, profit dividends are provided every 6 months or 1 year, depending on the company's dividend process. In addition, paid-in capital increase is performed in accordance with the company's operating policy.

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