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2. Appropriateness of investment

This approach can be considered when you think your investment is 100% profitable.

You can try a technology or a product when you can recognize it as the best and the first time.

This is a top-notch technology, and once you're confident that it's the world's best, that you can lead the market, you can gamble on everything. If you make a decision, don't hesitate to invest! Opportunities may disappear when you're hesitating.

But it's not right to invest in debt.

If it is wrong, there is severe aftereffects.

If is a good 99.99% and a probability of 0.01% being wrong.

If you fail, only your own money will be lost, and you can start over. But if you invest in a debt, your life can be very tough because of the debt.

All of a sudden, there were a lot of people around us who became rich after dozing off.

You invest 100 million won, you get 10 billion won, you get 1,000 times, you get 100 billion won, you invest in this "crypto_currency" .

If you invest in real estate these days, you don't get two to three times the income after waiting a few years. Even if you make regular payments to a bank, you can only make 2-3 percent of your annual income.

So we invest a lot in "crypto_currency" .

But when you invest in "crypto_currency" , you have to be careful about everything. Especially if you invest in the ICO stage, you have to wait until the technology becomes a commodity, until the product enters the market and takes its place, and returns to income.

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