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3. Distributed investment method

Now I'm going to suggest a very substantial investment.

Let's look at it from a different angle.

If your time deposit is a commodity with an annual interest rate of 2-3%, you are not in the stage of investing in regular deposits. Bitcoin is an "crypto_currency" that is now in a stabilization phase. Bitcoin is a currently stuck coin, and if we invest in a stable investment, as mentioned above, we could generate 20 to 40 percent annual income. But you won't get the charm of investing in "crypto_currency". Fixed bitcoins cannot be subject to speculative investment. Now, what's needed at the fixed stage is innovation. Now, let's try some of them in a decentralized way. Let's invest a bitcoin in the ICO Co., a manufacturing technology that will usher in a new era.

First, there are things to consider when selecting events.

1) Let's see what the content of the technology is.

Is this the manufacturing industry? Is it a service business?

Manufacturing shares can be profitable and face value high.

However, the service sector must earn a fee to generate a profit.

We know that the manufacturing sector is the dominant one, and the service sector is the subordinate business.

We also know that finance is a service sector, and that fees are a major source of revenue.

Most coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple Coin and Tether coin, can replace the role of finance, but it is well known that they cannot completely replace the current financial system. It's a huge success if you can just dig into a niche and coexist.

Still selected for investment may be the preempted effect of "crypto_currency".

But when a good coin comes out of the manufacturing industry in the future, it should not be overlooked that its role may change.

2) Block chain?

In the meantime, IT technology products have been wrapped in layers in a "block_chain" package, making it impossible to distinguish the depth of the technology from a typical investor's perspective. So people didn't know if it was a small technology, or a big technology, or if they didn't know if they had market power, or if they were just packing it in a "block_chain," they believed it was the latest technology, and they thought they'd make a lot of money because it's the latest technology.

But the reality is sober. No matter how the new technology is packaged, the coin issued with this technology cannot create value unless the technology itself has market power. So far, it's wrapped in a wrapper called "block_chain," and it's been buffeted by marketing, and the coin was on the market, but when the bubble burst and the "block_chain" was peeled off, we know the coin was thrown out without even finding its name.

For coin investors, there were times when "block_chain" itself was a commodity, but now "block_chain" is not a money-making technology, even if it's a technology that subsidizes the original technology. So when you pick the target audience for your investment, you should take off the "block_chain" wrapper and look at the original technology.

What do you think is the confidence that this will lead the world in the midst of a flood of IT technology?

3) New Trends ~ Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

We're now thinking about the environment at the stage of survival.

At the time of modernization, some problems with environmental issues were tolerated. But now it's not acceptable to harm the environment.

If there is a problem with our survival, we are making a decision to boycott. Through a class action lawsuit, we try to compensate for the damage.

4) Since you have chosen ICO,

Bitcoin has become a stabilized coin, and since it has become a stuck coin, it is not possible to make speculative investments with bitcoin. You can buy and sell two or three times a year, 20 to 40 percent, or 200 percent in two to three years. If you're going to get a bigger return on investment, you have to choose one or several of the ICO coins, and you have to make a speculative investment. First, let's invest only one bitcoin in one item.

Coins that conduct ICOs generally depend on the time of purchase before they are listed, but they can generate revenue of about 2 to 5 times the price of the listed. It may take about three to six months. If you rotate it twice a year, you can generate 4 to 10 times, or 400 to 1,000 percent. 3 Rotation can yield 6 to 15 times, 600 to 1,500 percent profit. It's just a theory. This is usually due to a drop in prices when listed. The reasons are explained above. Still, you may have a much higher chance of making 100% in ICO Coin in two years than you could make 100% in two years by investing in Bitcoin.

If you are a coin that has a price higher than the listed price after being listed, it is recommended that you keep the coin. Because the coin has the potential and technological value to grow over time. You really have the opportunity to multiply your property by several times, or by tens, or by hundreds of times, in a coin.

And if you've generated several times the income of the coin, you can sell some and buy back bitcoin, invest in a stable investment method, have a portion of the ICO coin, and then invest in finding a new ICO coin. That way, you'll be able to make money out of the coin without losing the principal.

If you can identify a coin whose ICO Coin will not fall below the expected list price, you will not lose money by investing in the Coin. Rather, you'll be the one who makes money out of the coin.

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