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Invest 1 bitcoin in "KGE Coin"!

Above I mentioned "stable investment", "speculative investment" and "distributed investment". And now I'd like to encourage you to invest only one bit of coin in "KGE Coin" out of many of the coins you have.

The current bitcoin is a coin in the stabilization phase and is referred to as a stuck coin. The price of bitcoin is going up and down at 10,000 USD. This is the price formed about two years ago in November 2017, immediately rising to 19,000 USD in December 2017, before falling to 8,000 USD in January 2018 and 3,500 USD in March 2019 before recovering to the 10,000 USD level now. It continued its decline and rise for about two years, but has now recovered to the price level it was two years ago.

So what will be the price range in the next two years?

Of course, no one can predict how much it will be.

How many bad things will Bitcoin overcome to become the leader in cryptocurrency?

Or, give up the position to another Coin, and sink to second place!

The first negative factor is that the flow is changing.

So far, if you've preferred Coin in the expectation that crypto-currency could replace finance, the attraction can only be sharply reduced at a time when it has now established itself as a financial replacement product to some degree. Then, the new trend these days is that of manufacturing, or of stocks in general, is going. Those who invest in this area of coin should keep in mind.

The second negative factor, I think, is when Facebook Coin "Rebra" was published. This could be a direct hit for Bitcoin. Facebook has nearly 3 billion users around the world, and it sees the possibility of the junk book coin swaying Bitcoin's strongholds.

Back to square one.

Will Bitcoin be able to maintain current prices in two years, or will it be falling! Or, it is anybody's guess whether the price is going up. But we're going to have 20,000 USD in two years and compare it with "KGE Coin."

"KGE Coin" is based on four core technologies as previously introduced, and is a coin that can increase coin value by investing in a number of other technologies and items.

The first is to transform the energy system that is moving the Earth into such eco-friendly energy that does not use fossil fuels and destroy the environment, and the second is to replace all transportation equally with "free, uncharged, self-generated engine systems." The third is to transform all materials into eco-friendly materials with bazalt-applied carbon fibers, and to change the water we eat and the water we use in the agricultural and livestock industries, although we can't change all of the water from the planet to function. That way, it can save the Earth.

Coins have been issued to this effect, and will now be produced from small generators (1KW, 2KW, 3KW, 5KW, etc.) for use at home, from cell phone base stations, from the refrigerator of the mart, from independent external vending machines. It will expand its sphere step by step by step.

When I first decided on the price of our coin, I consulted with the advisors of Britain, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, France and the United States about the planned price of our coin to be listed. In common, they said, "1 KGE is 1 USD is appropriate" if our Coin goes according to the road map we set, and I made the decision as it is.

In the future, "KGE Coin" will start with small generators, but will bring a wide variety of news to customers and the general public, including building a mass production system, exporting contracts to a country, announcing a motorcycle engine, announcing a mass production system, announcing a mass production system, announcing a drone engine, adding items to a company, setting up a mass production system, and dividend to coin holders. Then, the value of "KGE Coin" will continue to rise. If the majority of ICO Coins are listed, they can be the few coins that can escape the downward trend of their prices.

Now, from an investment point of view

Now "KGE Coin" is paying "1 USD = 2 KGE". It is preparing to be listed on the bourse from Sept. 15 to Sept. 30, 2019. Anyway, it will pay 2 KGE to 1 USD by Sept. 30, 2019. Now you can buy 20,000 KGE for 1 bitcoin (about 10,000 USD). Since the scheduled price for the listing is 1 USD, if the price is maintained, you can say you have already made a profit of 100%.

As mentioned earlier, there are so many issues that could raise the value of "KGE Coin," so no one knows what the price of "KGE Coin" will be in two years' time. It is anybody's guess whether 1KGE will be 5 USD, 10 USD or more. If you were 5 USD, you would have made a profit of 10 times, or 1,000%, and if you were 10 USD, you would have made a profit of 20 times, or 2,000%. This is just an expectation.

However, rather than the probability that Bitcoin is stuck in a state of high price increase and this bitcoin becomes 20,000 USD in two years to make a 100% profit, it can be seen that "KGE Coin" is much more likely to become 1 USD in two years. More than that, you'll feel the value of investing in Coin.

Therefore, I urge you to read this article.

I recommend that you invest one of your bitcoin in "KGE Coin".

After that, you can decide then whether to buy more "KGE Coin" after looking at the market trend, but now you want to convert just a bitcoin into a "KGE Coin."

Don't let it get to you later!

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