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1. stable investment method

In the past, people used to prefer regular deposits to prepare for old age. We designed a stable life of old age with interest from 5 to 10 percent. Interest rates are only 2 to 3 percent at this time and cannot be considered as an investment commodity. Investment in Coin can be a stable investment as it is applied at this point.

Whether it's national or corporate, every company faces one or two crises a year or two or two or three times a year. For example, there are good situations in the country, such as inter-Korean dialogue and North Korea-U.S. dialogue, but there are also negative factors such as Japanese economic sanctions. At this point, the stock price is either plummeting or rising.

The most stable investment is buying and selling at this time.

Investing in coin is also bound to follow this pattern.

1. Preparing funds for stable investment.

First, let's consider the amount to invest in the coin.

Gain investment funds whether they are prepared through stock, retirement, pension, or savings, or utilize the property they own. You can't make a stable investment without money.

In the past, we used to invest in real estate. These days I have seen many people waiting for the property to rise. These days, it will be difficult to pay real estate taxes, either.

There is an old saying, "The stagnant water is rotten, but the running water is not."

If you're going to make money, you have to make this investment.

2. Let's select items that can be managed continuously.

When it comes to stocks, let's choose a good company like Samsung Electronics.

When it comes to coin, let's choose the most stable and universal coin, such as bitcoin or Ethereum(ETH). One or two items are recommended. More than 5 items are not recommended. Continuous observation and analysis is required for sales and purchase. Let's limit it to one or two or three items!

3. First of all, let's set a goal of how much profit I'll see in a year.

Let's decide how much I'll see for a year!

20%, 30%, 40%, target may be set high, but if target is high, it is easy to miss the right time to sell when drawing a rising curve, and you may lose the principal due to a mistake, so don't set too high a target!

4. Let's choose the best selling and buying timing!

The first way is to "buy or sell one tempo late."

When the buying point starts to draw the upward curve again from the lowest point, buy it one tempo late, and when the selling point is to draw the downward curve from the peak, sell it by one tempo.

Because, unless you're God, you can't tell when you're at the top or when you're at the bottom? But if you sell it in advance, it's going up a lot, and if you sell it in advance, it's going down a lot, and if you buy it in advance, wouldn't it be too bad?

There are many experts who can predict Coin's market, so let's get their help, too! These days, there are a lot of broadcasts on YouTube, so let's sign up for a few places and see their experts' predictions!

However, it should be remembered that the final decision is up to them.

You must create your own know-how.

The second option is to "buy or sell with a target."

When it's hard to decide when to sell, you can sell it if you make a profit of 10 percent or 15 percent at the point of purchase. If you made a profit of 10% at a time, you earned 20% if you made only two profits a year, and if you made 15% at a time, you earned 30% if you made only two profits a year. Even if you do that three times a year, you can earn between 30 percent and 45 percent of the revenue.

If you get used to it a little bit and know how to read the flow, you might as well use it for a five to ten percent period.

This will keep the principal alive without loss, and you can spend your living expenses as a profit-making part or reinvest it.

I see people who have purchased and have many bitcoins in the "kimchi_premium" era around 2017. Most people are just waiting for Bitcoin to rise again.

Let's give you an example.

Bitcoin started at $1,000 in January 2017, and the price went up to $10,000 in November of the same year. And it went up to $19,000 in December of the same year. I thought the price of bitcoin would continue to rise during this period, and many people bought more than $10,000. In fact, there's a lot of talk going around that bitcoin costs $100,000. The price went down to $8,000 in January 2018, then continued to fall, and continued to decline to $3,500 in March 2019. During this period, the sale became impossible, and at this point (July 31, 1919,) the price recovered from $9,000 to $10,000. Then, no one knows when the next $20,000 will be.

But even then, when coin prices began to fall, those who sold it immediately would have benefited, those who sold it for $10,000 had the money, and when they reached the bottom of 2018, if they had bought it for $3,500, they could now see that the price had gone up about threefold.

This method will be the most stable investment method without loss of principal. It is advisable to use severance pay in old age or to encourage people to live on a yearly basis. Isn't it more profit than just waiting for you to put it in your regular

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