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The mindset of Coin Investment

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Those who want to make money by investing in Coin need the following mindset:

1. You must firmly believe that investing in coins can be a sure "money-making technique."

Everyone invests in stocks or real estate to make money. They also invest in paintings and antiques. Invest in futures trading (FX). They also buy and sell minerals such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum, and use them as investment vehicles. They also deposit money in a bank or insurance company for interest.

We must firmly believe that Coin is a new investment tool.

The once-in-a-lifetime means of "moneymaking techniques" don't go away immediately. Dig into the existing order and grow in size and place. But it doesn't completely replace the existing order. So Coin needs to recognize, research and use it as a means of investing in "moneymaking techniques." It is important to remember that in the global era, it can be one of the global investment vehicles that drives the global economy.

When I run a company, I have an anecdote. When Bitcoin was first introduced, the IT staff suggested that coin should be introduced in the payment method. I was a conservative then, so I wasn't interested in Coin, and I knew nothing about it. Now they're saying, "Let's recognize the new trend a little earlier, and invest in the coin!" I have since studied coin and studied introducing coin into the payment system.

2. You must have a firm belief in your investment in your judgment.

We live in a flood of information. Information is provided through media such as broadcasting, newspapers and the Internet. The problem is that the information received through the media is reliable to some extent. Therefore, if you see, hear, and invest in your own judgment through the media, no one is held accountable even if you fail.

We are also informed through people. However, if one loses money by listening to the information they give, he or she tends to pass the buck to the person who gives the information. I don't particularly appreciate them, even though I made money from the information they gave me.

If you lose money according to your judgment, you shouldn't blame others, even if you blame your wrong judgment. If you complain like that, you can exclude yourself later, even if the person has really good information. You may not be informed then, and you may lose money.

But don't trust 100% of what the informant says! Be careful! Few people approach you with a pure heart and provide information. These days, a lot of coins are pouring in, and we have to pay for advertising to sell and promote the coins we made. regardless of whether it is media or not Ads through people, of course, must pay bonuses in any name, such as "recommendation allowance" or "introduction fee." As a result, the informant can deliver the information and receive a fee. Therefore, the person who communicates the information can exaggerate the information for his or her performance.

You can also seek expert advice. Even if they are experts, it is foolish to believe in what they say 100 percent and invest accordingly. Even if you refer to it, the final decision should be made by you. You have to study and study constantly.

Anyway, it's you who understand the reality of information and ultimately decide to invest. You make money, but you make it; you lose money. You have all the responsibilities.

3. Establish a strategy and approach.

There's a lot of technology in the world that sells coins. Dual multi-level marketing (MLM), fund trading in the form of financial transactions, and simple sales and purchases through exchanges. The ICO phase includes personal sales phase, pre-sale phase, purchase in the open sales phase, etc.

When you succeed in a dangerous phase, you can earn more, but if you fail, you have to remember that there is a high risk.

Personal investment, teaming, or being considered, but the way a team buys and sells coins (MLM type or fund type called financial transaction) is often where income is concentrated in the top tier. So seeing a top leader make money, thinking he can make that money, and investing in it is more likely to fail. I'm saying it again.

It's important to think about strategies in this regard.

4. Get rid of your impatience!

I've seen a lot of people who invest in coin fail and try to make money in a very short time.

Take rice farming as an example! In Korea, rice farming is done once a year, and in Southeast Asia, rice farming is done twice. A farmer earns his fruit by investing at least six months of time and labor in order to achieve one outcome. People who raise livestock also invest in at least one year, or more than two years. People who grow trees grow trees with a goal of 10 years, 20 years, and 30 years. This investment in the primary industry invests a lot of time and pays off.

However, there are some places that make money the fastest.

It is to invest in futures trading. They invest money and sell it at a point where a few percent profit is generated in just a few minutes. As the cycle turns so fast, the amount of betting money is lost because it is difficult to find the timing of the purchase.

An acquaintance of mine knows a person who invested 50 million won in futures trading and immediately lost all 700 million won, borrowed money from others and borrowed 5 billion won from them. This led me to keep borrowing money from the illusion that if I kept borrowing money, I'd be able to get back to the original and make money.

Of course, the shorter the rotation cycle, the better you understand the cycle, and if you choose to sell well, you may earn money in a short period of time, but if you're not an expert, you're more likely to fail a hundred times. Also, I never recommend entrusting your money to people who are called experts. I do not recommend this method.

With the heart of a farmer who plant seeds in the spring and harvests fruits in the fall, it is recommended to invest in Coin as well.

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