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The reality of coin investment

Did you make money by investing in Coin?

Did you invest in Coin and lose money?

Here! Show me how to make money without losing it!

When I introduce Coin, what I heard from most of the people I meet is, "I've lost money by investing in Coin." Unlike stocks, "crypto-currency" did not take long for the ecosystem to form. It's been less than 10 years. Many people failed by investing, without knowing the terminology. They were also misled by the word that other people made money, and they lost their money as a result of their investment.

If you divide the type of damage they've suffered into three,

First, they invested in major coin categories (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum(ETH), Ripple Coin, etc.) but failed because they were not aware of the proper buying and selling timing.

Secondly, they invested in ICO Coins, but when they were listed, they were not appreciated in the real market and had results that didn't meet expectations. That's why the coin market has become so confusing, "When you list on the exchange, you fuck.The new word" appeared.

This is what happens most often in the ICO coin in 2018.

And third, investing in a (coin) system that operates either on an MLM or on a fund (financial transaction) basis often results in losses. Since the allowance in the marketing system is supposed to be concentrated on the top leader and initially overpaid, the early participant can make money, but the majority of the other members are in a loss-making structure.

The biggest problem is that those involved in these marketing techniques see leaders making money, and think themselves can make such money - that they mistake it and invest money.

Leaders can create 1,000 or 2,000 sales or 10,000 or 20,000 organization members in the initial process of building an organization. That's why leaders make a lot of money. But those who take part in the system late are almost impossible to build infrastructure like the top leader. You are deceived by the saying that you can make this kind of profit and then lose money on your investment.

Of course, these things are difficult to distinguish clearly. Some of them are combined. That is why it is mentioned as losing money by investing in Coin.

Let's take a look at the most fundamental problem, the one that's bound to fail.

First, they don't know what they're investing in.

They don't know exactly what they're investing in, whether it's technology or systems or coin.

New technologies or systems cannot replace existing technologies or systems immediately. The first step is that when a new technology is announced, it's going to go into the cracks in the existing technology or the system, and the second stage is going to coexist, the last stage is going to be the technology that can't be chosen by the market, and the technology that gets selected by the market is going to be the technology that gives birth to the golden egg.

So even if a technology is announced, it can't quickly replace the market. It takes at least years or decades to replace or abolish existing technologies. The IT industry goes on a short cycle and follows this process. But most people forget this.

So they expect to suddenly purchase coins related to the technology (items) and earn a lot of income.

In the market, it takes time to dominate the market in the fight against existing technologies. An investor cannot wait for that time. In other words, the time that must wait until investment is activated in the market and returns to income is omitted. They say they expect an unconditional rise if listed on the exchange. In general, the public is not aware of the coin except for investors interested in the new coin issue. As a result of many advertisements, promotions and achievements through media activities, when buyers are motivated to purchase, when purchasing activities occur, and when demand is high, price increases occur.

Also, there is a problem with the volume of goods released on the market among the factors Typically, a small amount of coins are sold at the ICO level, and when a coin is listed on the exchange, a large number of coins are sold, which leads to a drop in prices.

When new coins were issued, many purchases were made in the sense of first purchase, after the initial, mainstream Bitcoin, Ethereum(ETH) and Ripple Coin were issued, when new coins were issued. Therefore, there were times when investing in ICO Coin made money.

But now more than a thousand coins are pouring out huge amounts. If you list a coin while it lacks the desire to buy it, its value will fall unconditionally. If you believe that the Coin issued today will be the same because the initial Coin was listed and the price went up, it would be just a fantasy. When they come back to reality, they find that coin prices are falling. Now their faith is broken, and they've lost money by investing in Coin.

Bitcoin has grown for about seven years since its publication in 2009 and surpassed the $1,000 mark in January 2017. At the end of 2017, prices went up to 19,000.

But a failed investor tends to think that bitcoin or now listed start-up coin is the same, because it is an encryption currency with the same name and is packaged in the same package called "block_chain"! Ignore the time after Bitcoin is issued before it overcomes all kinds of resistance and persecution and takes over the market.

Second, if you can't analyze the size of the technology, you can fail.

These days, I'm good at packing products. You can make small content appear larger by wrapping it in layers. It's your responsibility to look at the outside and think that the contents are large.

If you want to invest in new technologies, you have to first check the size of the technology you have in the market.

1) Can we recognize it as a new technology?

2) Can we replace the existing technology we are using?

3) How long will it take to disseminate and replace existing technologies?

4) How much of this technology do you need?

5) Do you need to give up your existing technology and adopt it?

6) Do you want to use this technology because you have invested?

7) If you admit that you need to adopt this technology even if you don't invest, when will it be available?

8) How many people will be using this technology or product?

You can check this to see the size of the technology.

Third, they fail because they say, "Do others, I do too."

About a decade after the first Bitcoin was issued, many have made money and lost money so far. In particular, the majority of people who invested in 2017 lost a lot. At that time, there was an overheated investment craze called "kimchi_premium."

When Bitcoin came out, the person who bought it early would have been able to make money without fail. But by that point (2017), it took seven years for some people, three to four years for others. In 2016, every person who bought Bitcoin would have made money. But when the price of Bitcoin was over $10,000, I think most people who bought it would have suffered losses. Prices dropped to $8,000 in January 2018, and went down to $3500 in early 2019 before prices are now hovering between $9,000 and $10,000.

So for $1,000 to $2,000 to $5,000, the people who bought the Bitcoin made money when it was $19,000. Those who bought more than $10,000 would have lost money, believing in the rumor that it would be $100,000 next year. To make more money, they would have lost the opportunity to sell because they had it for $19,000 but couldn't sell it, and in January 2019, the price dropped below $8,000.

And if you can't see that there's a big hand and a big force involved in the coin market, you're bound to lose. Given the situation at that time (2016-2017), when some powerful people talked about raising the price of a coin, they said something that could raise the price of a coin here and there, and when they wanted to lower the price of the coin, they said negative things about the price of the coin. Coin's prices went up and down, according to them. They would have made a fortune by doing so, but individuals who couldn't read the flow would have suffered a lot.

The bottom line is that just because someone else makes money doesn't mean I'm making money, either. I don't earn money just because the leader made money, I don't make money either because the person who invested in it made it late, and I don't make money just because the big hands moved the market.

I'm writing this blog to suggest ways to minimize coin losses to people who want to invest in it and make money.

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